Drink to reduce acne-causing agents in your body

A simple and natural drink that helps and fights the agents in your body that causes acne. The acne here can be of any type.

All you need is:

  • Apple
  • Cucumber
  • Mint
  • Coriander
  • And lemon

Procedure: Take an apple cut it into pieces and remove its seeds. Then take a full cucumber and cut it into small pieces. Put the apple and cucumber in a grinding jar and add some leaves of mint and coriander. Add some water according to the thickness of the drink and grind all the ingredients well. Pour the juice in a glass and add half a teaspoon of lemon in it.

Mint fight the agents that cause on our skin and lemon have bleaching agent that helps to reduce dark spots caused by acne. Coriander and cucumber balance the heat of your body and keep your gut cool.

Good Luck.

Glowing face mask

It’s another face mask that is good for here with just simple ingredients.

All you need is mint leaves and rose water.

Procedure: Grind some mint leaves finely and add some drops of rose water in it. Apply the mixture your fave and let it dry. Later you can feel your skin getting tight and stuff as the mask dries up. While removing the mask wet your fingers and rub the mark with your fingers. This can act as a natural scrub. Rinse of the leftover with water and pat dry.

This gives your face a glowing effect.

This will also help in reducing acne and acne spots.

Extra info: Those you are not allergic to turmeric, can add a pinch of it in the mixture. This will also create a natural glow.

Good Luck.


This is another healthy drink especially for the people who have stress.

All you need is some almonds and bananas.

Procedure: Take 5-6 almonds and soak them in water overnight. Put the soaked almonds in a grinder jar then add 2-3 bananas and some water. Grind everything well and pour it in a glass. The almond-banana juice is ready. This juice is rich in magnesium. Both almond and banana are loaded with magnesium. This helps to remove stress and keep your mind fresh. This is also good for skin as magnesium helps to remove fine lines from your skin,  wrinkles and stress line. Magnesium keeps your skin healthy and young.

You can make the juice as a mixture by adding milk instead of water and decreasing the number of bananas. But, with milk in it, it may put on your weight. So, who want to gain weight they can dink it along with milk.

You can also use it as a protein shake.

Hope it was useful.

Good Luck

Benefits of Chia seeds

Just like flax seeds chia seeds are one of the beneficial seeds. They are useful for many purposes.

They are full of antioxidants, the carbs in it are all fibers, they are rich in proteins, they are high in omega-3 fatty acid

They help to reduce blood sugar level, decrease the chances of heart disease, help to reduce weight, and are highly nutritious.

You can use chia seeds after soaking them in water for about 5 minutes. Absorbing water they increase in size. You can add chia seeds in a glass of water along with honey as a sweet drink. Or can drink in by adding in milk as a milk shake. You can also add a spoon of flax seeds in any of your favourite juice. You can eat them along the nuts or berries or along with other seeds such as flax seeds, pumpkin seeds

You can also make seeds bars and preserve them in an airtight container and eat it as snacks. All you need to do is take some water-soaked chia seeds, mix other healthy seeds according to your preference. placed the mixture on the baking tray and bake them until they are crispy. Cut them into bars and use as snacks.

These seeds are good for skin as well.

Natural tinted lip care

When you want to care for your lips and at the same time want it to look good, here’s the way to do so.

All you need is Beetroot, natural Coconut oil.

Make the thin slices of beetroot and keep them in sun to dry the moister from it. It may take 2-3 days according to the atmosphere of the country. When they are completely dry they are easily crushable with your hands. Then grind them in a grinder and make a fine powder.

Warm some coconut oil by double boiler method and the beetroot power according to your preferred color. Mix them well and let it cool down.\

Your tinted lip care is ready to use.

You can do the same process with other fruits and veggie like strawberry, carrot…..etc

Extra Info: You can petroleum in the gelly in the mixture if it suits you. (it doesn’t suit many people)

Good Luck.

Hydrating green juice

Here we are going to see how to make a juice that keeps our body hydrated for a long time.

This is a simple method, especially for people those who don’t drink water regularly from time to time.

All you need it some green juicy food.

  1. Cucumber
  2. Green apple
  3. Mint
  4. Fennel

Procedure: Take a cucumber and cut into half, do the same for the apple as well. Remove the seeds of apple and put them in a grinder (mixer). Then add one of half fennel to the mixer jar along with some leaves of mint. Grind all the ingredients well and strain them in a glass. You can increase the quantity according to your need.

You can use fennel seeds if you can’t find raw fennel. Both work well for keeping your body hydrated and cool.

If you find the juice thick add some water to it for consistency.

Drink a glass of this juice every morning before breakfast to keep your body hydrated for the day.

Hope this was helpful, but do not ignore water overall the day. It is necessary for your body.

Good Luck.


Hydrating facemask

This is a simple face mask made of ‘Gree Tea’. All you need is water, green tea, and cotton pads.

Procedure: Prepare green tea and let it cool down for some time. Then place the cotton pads (or you can use soft tissue paper) in a plate. Pour the tea in the plate and keep it in the refrigerator for about 5-7 minutes. When the tissue or cotton pads begin to stiff like a thick cloth, take the place out. Place the pads/tissue paper on your face and lay down under the fan let your skin absorb the rejuvenating water. Keep it on your face until you no longer feel its coldness and the paper starts to observe your face heat. Later remove the paper, you can feel your skin soft and glowy.  No need to wash your face after this.

The green tea is full of antioxidants which helps in skin healing and keep your skin fresh. The coldness will shrink your pores and keep your skin tight.

Extra info: The best green tea is ‘Matcha green tea.’

Good Luck.


Healthy Chocolate

As we all know chocolates are unhealthy so why not make your own. Here’s the simple method to make chocolate at home. All you need is basic ingredients.

  1. Choco powder
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Natural sweetener (raw rock sugar, raw honey, natural maple syrup…..any of your preference)

Preparation: Make a thick mixture of choco powder and coconut oil then add the sweetener according to your taste. You can warm the oil before mixing to make it easier. If you are using solid sweetener make the fluid mixture of choco powder and oil (make the powder of rock sugar). If you are adding liquid sweetener, make the consistency of oil and choco power thick. Freeze the complete batter in the freezer and the chocolate is ready to eat.


  1. You can add some ground coffee for taste.
  2. Some gridded coconut for flavor.
  3. vanilla essence for flavor and taste.
  4. You can later sprinkle the powder sugar on top of the chocolate bars.
  5. You can also add any nuts.

Note: Do not use crystal sugar cubes that are processed by chemical cleaning. Use raw rock crystals.

Rock sugar


Good luck.

Benefits of water in 3 ways

As we all know our body is 70% made of water and there are many benefits of water. These 3 benefits that I’m going to talk about will always keep you fit and healthy. Your skin and body will love it.

1.Drinking water immediately after you wake up

It doesn’t matter if you brush your teeth or not, drink 1lt (4 glass) of water after you wake up. It will help you enzymes in your body and you feel fresh.

2. Do not drink water after your meal.

Drink warm water after 45 minutes of your food. Whether it may be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

3. Don’t drink water while standing and do not gulp it all together.

Drinking water while standing and all at once will cause you joint pain. Drink water while sitting and give 3 breaks in between your drink to exhale your breath. Do not exhale in the glass.

Hope this will be beneficial for you. Give it a try.

Good Luck.


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